My Family


Family is the most important thing to me regardless if its blood relation or friends that take the place of family. This is something that’s so hard to adjust to and in most cases get over. We as humans need that unconditional love that really is an unspoken feeling that hovers over a loving family. That was the thing that I missed most. Since we as humans are going to make “mistakes”, we need that safety blanket of a loving family that wont judge you and will be there for you when the chips are down. Feeling alone on an earth full of people, has to be one of the worst feelings a child could bare. One thing I always wanted to have was my own children. Five or more if I was blessed to have so. God Granted my wish. Terry jr. 20, Natalie 14, Samantha 12, Christian 10, Vanessa 8. I’m so thankful. This way I knew I could change my unfortunate childhood of not having unconditional love. My children are my world. They are my reason.

83 Kids Foundation was established to help bring that feeling of unconditional love to kids that yearn for it so dearly. This is the missing link that can help lower the percentages of foster kids acting out or finding themselves in jail before the age of 18. WhoCareWeCare or WC² is a campaign that will be solely implemented to do just that. Caring can be contagious and makes a world of difference. My beautiful young soldiers are already eager to help foster kids feel the love and I’m so proud of them. Daddy Love’s You!